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Crete Street Theatre

November 18 –
December 3

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10 – 25 2023

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April 21 –
May 6 2023

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June 9 –
June 24 2023

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September 29 –
October 14

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November 17 –
December 2

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Entertaining South East Queensland since 1978, the Beenleigh Theatre Group has been an active part of the Beenleigh community for nearly half a century.

From our first performance of ‘Oklahoma!’ at the Beenleigh Memorial Hall, to our critically acclaimed 40th anniversary production in 2018 and beyond, Beenleigh Theatre Group strives to create artistic excellence across musicals, plays, one-acts, cabarets and of course, our youth programmes and productions.

Proudly housed at the Crete Street Theatre since 1993, BTG are constantly raising the bar of what theatre should be in South East Queensland.

Management Committee

Meet the hard working people who make Beenleigh Theatre Group a fun, rewarding and safe space to create high-quality theatre.

Chris Art


Bradley Chapman

Vice President

Susan Art


Steven Days


Trinette Avery

General Member

Nicolette McMahon

General Member

Benjamin Tubb-Hearne

General Member

BTG Portfolio Holders

Beenleigh Theatre Group is a not-for-profit organisation that relies upon volunteers in order to function as a community theatre group.
Below is an acknowledgement of our portfolio holders who oversee and ensure the theatre continues to prosper.