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Crete Street Studio

Welcome to Crete Street Studio – BTG’s exciting Youth Theatre Program, formally known as JETS.

We are looking forward to the benefits this programme has for our students, whether it be assisting them at school, developing skills for their future careers, or just exploring their hobbies and passions. We welcome you to the Crete Street family whether you are a returning student, or a fresh face.

Crete Street Studio classes are designed by the tutors themselves, with consultation from the BTG Committee and educational experts. Student outcomes are at the forefront of our programme, which are drawn from the Australian Curriculum. Each class throughout the year will be striving to achieve measurable learning goals.

In 2023, we are offering three streams:

  • Acting
  • Musical Theatre
  • JETS (Under 10)


Classes for 2023 Begin January 30th. We’ll be holding an information night on January 18th, 6.30pm at the theatre.


2023 Timetable Update:

Mondays – Musical Theatre 1 (Ages 10-14) at 4pm and 2 (Ages 15-18) at 5.30pm

Tuesdays – Workshops and other oppurtunities

Wednesdays – JETS (Age Under 10s) at 4pm, Acting 1 (Ages 10-14) at 5pm and 6pm.

Thursdays – Acting 2 (Ages 15-18) at 4.30pm

Please note that class times are subject to change depending on enrolments and feedback.

For up-to-date notices, stay tuned to our Facebook page or our Instagram account.

Crete Street Studio Tutors

Elsie Humphrey

Elsie is a Drama and English teacher with a vast background in theatre and performance. A recent graduate from the University of Queensland, Elsie holds a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Drama and English Literature.

After growing up both on-stage and backstage at BTG and Phoenix Ensemble, Elsie is excited to be teaching the next generation of young performers.

Elsie will be teaching Acting 2.

Ren Gerry

Ren is no stranger to the Beenleigh Theatre Group Family. Ren has quite literally spent most of their life here. Ren is a advocate of the performing arts featuring in many shows in the local community. Ren has also been a tutor at Crete Street Studio for over 5 years. Ren’s experience with the program and their career is invaluable in providing students with the opportunity to learn.

Ren will be teaching JETS and Acting 1.

Mikeal Bobart

Mikeal Bobart is Brisbane based performer who graduated from a Bachelor of Theatre (Music Theatre) at the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music in 2020. She has been involved in musicals and shows since she was a child, contributing in different ways from directing, working on sound and lighting to being on stage herself. Mikeal is very excited to be able to share her love for the creative arts with young people at CSS.

Mikeal will be teaching Music Theatre 1 and 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are classes?2022-05-22T11:39:23+10:00

Classes are held Mondays – Thursdays from 4pm. A specific timetable is provided above.

Who runs CSS?2022-05-22T11:39:04+10:00

Crete Street Studio is run by a team of VOLUNTEERS who are part of the Beenleigh Theatre Group Committee. These people are;

    1. Chris Art – Registered Teacher | Theatre Nerd

    2. Bradley Chapman – Registered Teacher | Performer/Director/Creator

    3. Trinette Avery– Theatre Professional | Performer/Creator


Crete Street Studio does issue refunds on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us via email or Facebook if a refund is requested.

How do I pay?2022-05-22T11:38:12+10:00

Payment is made when you officially enroll into Crete Street Studio. This is ONLINE ONLY. Make sure you select the correct Streams and term options for what you want to enroll into. (If you do make a mistake, we will happily refund, however this does take a couple of days)

What/where is the ‘Greenroom’?2022-05-22T11:37:52+10:00

The ‘Greenroom’ is just like a dressing room in a theatre, however it is usually where rehearsals and other similar activities take place. At Crete Street Theatre, the Greenroom is accessed through the complex carpark. As you come down into the carpark, you’ll see the Red Door next to the air-conditioning units on your left.

What is the best way to contact tutors?2023-01-18T13:57:52+10:00

Messaging our Facebook page is the quickest way to contact a tutor, unless they have specifically arranged something different. Otherwise, sending us or the tutor an email will also work.

How do I enroll?2022-05-22T11:37:10+10:00

You can enroll by following using the links within the Key Documents box above. This will will take you to our Trybooking. A ‘How To’ guide for navigating enrolment is housed within this box too.

Can I join a class at any time?2022-05-22T11:36:08+10:00

Yes! Classes can be joined at anytime, however, we don’t recommend joining close to a showcase as classes will generally be preparing for that.

Can I trial a class before committing to pay?2022-05-22T11:35:44+10:00

Yes! We usually allow a 2 week trial period before we start requesting payment be made.

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