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BTG 2015 Season Flyer

Appearing at Crete Street Theatre in April 2015, The First - An ANZAC tribute to the 1st AIF, in partnership with Beenleigh and Districts RSL and proudly supported by the Queensland Government.  It is a unique opportunity for BTG to contribute to the community and be a part of this very significant event in 2015.

Buckleys The story unfolds in the contemporary  home of the Johnsons, located in Beenleigh, and then moves to the war-time Buckley family near Gympie with ‘snap-shot’ settings in Egypt, on Gallipoli, the Western Front and London.  THE FIRST follows Paddy and Grace , their sons, daughters and extended family and friends in Australia and overseas during 1914 –1918.  It is a story reflective of many Australian communities and families during WWI.  THE FIRST  is a play, with music intertwining between scenes to highlight this moving story.  Music will be performed by the  A-Chord Community Choir, under the leadership of Lauren Davidson.  The ideas for this commemorative tribute was taken from Ted Egan’s work ‘The Anzacs’. Most songs, but not all, are from the same source with the kind permission of Ted Egan, and other relevant copyright authorities. We invite our Beenleigh Community to join us at the Crete Street Theatre in April to commemorate our ANZACS and the 1st AIF. Ticket prices for this special commemorative performance are $10 (adults) and $5 (students and children) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0B9rjKFRgM Performance dates
  • Sunday 12 April 2.00 pm
  • Friday 17 April 7.30 pm - SOLD OUT
  • Saturday 18 April 2.00 pm and 7.30 pm
  • Wednesday 22 April 9.30 and 12.30 pm - SOLD OUT
  • Friday 24 April 7.30 pm
  • Saturday 25 April 2.00 pm and 7.30 pm

Coming to Crete Street Theatre in May 2015.....War of the Worlds is a multimedia film and concert is a combination of the classic HG Wells' science-fiction novel and the award winning soundtrack

from Jeff Wayne.  Featuring songs:  Eve of the War, Forever Autumn, Thunderchild, The Spirit of Man and Brave New World this musical presentation will appeal to sci-fi and musical fans alike. "The War of the Worlds" is presented on three screens with impressive lighting and sound effects.  Singers and dancers perform the songs live on stage.  This unique theatre experience is on for one weekend only (22-23 May) so make sure you don't miss it. WOW
Beenleigh Theatre Group is excited to announce their feature shows for 2015. All our stage shows feature lifelike characters that appear very much like people from your community, who you can share a drink with after the show. More information available soon, as well as the opportunity to book online.
Show Opening Finale
The Best Little Whorehouse in TexasTexasBanner 27 February 14 March
The First   AnzacBanner 14 April 25 April
The War of the WorldsWarWorldsBanner 22 May 23 May
Beauty and the BeastBeautyBanner 3 July 18 July
Gypsy   GypsyBanner 13 November 28 November