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"Blood Brothers" by Willy Russell, is the story of twin boys who are unknowingly separated at birth, who later meet. This is one of the best and most moving British Musicals ever written and the third longest running on the West End. Opens February 10th - 25th February Please Note - The use of occasional course language, theatrical firearms and special effects during the production of Blood Brothers Blood Brothers  
COSI by Louise Nowra The year is 1971 and as people march in the streets protesting against the Vietnam War a young director named Lewis endeavours to mount a production of Mozart’s Cosi fan Tutte in a small burnt-out theatre on the grounds of a mental institution with a cast of madmen. COSI explores the life lesson that Lewis experiences as his life is touched by these extraordinary people. As his operatic production lurches forward, the audience learn, along with Lewis, that when chasing your dreams it helps to be a little crazy. This play is a poignant look at life through the eyes of patients at an insane asylum. It’s an hilarious take on the madness of creative endeavour and the chaotic terror of getting up there and making a fool of yourself. First produced in 1992, COSI has become one of the most produced Australian plays. Semi-autobiographical in nature, Louis Nowra has written a terrific play about madness, illusion, sanity…and theatre. fullsizerender-3