What’s On

Saturday 29 August at 7.00 pm at Crete Street Theatre we will be serving up a feast of delicious music with our annual A-Chord Concert (and featuring Beenleigh Brass Band and Beenleigh JETS) in Sing-a-licious.  Come enjoy an evening of friends and music.  Its a gold coin donation, tickets available at the door.   Achord
BTG’s 2015 Annual General Meeting will be held Tuesday 1 September at 7:00 pm at Crete Street Theatre.  All members who wish to nominate for either a portfolio position or a management position must complete the proxy form and return to the acting secretary, Debbie Taylor, no later than Tuesday 18 August at 5:00 pm.  Please note that only current financial members can nominate or vote at the AGM.  Click link below for proxy and nomination forms http://beenleightheatregroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/AGM-nominations_proxy_forms.pdf You will also find hard copies of the forms at the Crete Street Theatre Box Office and you can leave your forms for Debbie (addressed to the BTG Secretary) or email a scanned copy of the form to btgsecretary@gmail.com  or info@beenleightheatregroup. The other exciting event that happens at the AGM is the launch of the upcoming BTG season.  Come and see what 2016 has installed …        
Beenleigh Theatre Group is excited to announce their feature shows for 2015. All our stage shows feature lifelike characters that appear very much like people from your community, who you can share a drink with after the show. More information available soon, as well as the opportunity to book online.
Show Opening Finale
The Best Little Whorehouse in TexasTexasBanner 27 February 14 March
The FirstWebsite Banner - The First_Feb2015_v1.0 14 April 25 April
The War of the WorldsWOW website banner 22 May 23 May
Beauty and the BeastBeautyBanner 3 July 18 July
GypsyGypsyBanner 13 November 28 November