Cast Announcements

Thank you to everyone who auditioned and congratulations to the cast of Anything Goes;

Reno Sweeney – Joanna Nash

Billy Crocker – James Rogers

Hope Harcourt – Lauren Conway

Moonface Martin – Ian Maurice

Lord Evelyn Oakley – Jarryd Pianca

Erma Latour – Carly Skelton

Elisha Whitney – Lachlan Clark

Luke – William Chen

Mary – Skyah Lunar Fishpool

Captain Strong – Simon Ah Him

Evangeline Harcourt – Sophia Dimopoulos

Purser – Connor Bryant

Henry T. Dobson – Tony Paull

Angel (Chastity) – Jackie Brewster

Angel (Charity) – Katie Berry

Angel (Virtue) – Kristine Kallio

Angel (Purity) – Jaime O’Donoghue

Sailors – Dean Bradley, Phillip Maas (Soloist), Beau Witcher, Scotty Fulton

Ensemble (inc. Dance Ensemble) – Tammy Richards, Tiffany Wagner, Liz Brown, Danielle Clubb, Sara Harris (Soloist), Karen Mayfield, Anna Ludwig, Kaitlyn Carlton, Selene Bruynzeels, Amber Douglas, Leah Thomas, Keely Hall, Bethany Warnes-Jones, Kathryn Tyler, Laura Jennings, Charlie Habler

Booth Singers – Sue Foster-Crilly, Marcus Thompson

Ernie Brewster – Cheeky the Dog