Welcome to the website of Beenleigh Theatre Group’s community choir A-Chord.

A-chord was founded in 2007 and is open to anyone over the age of 16 who has a passion for singing.

We perform regularly at the theatre and by invitation at other events and venues, in fact anywhere that we have an excuse to sing!

Rehearsals are held at the theatre on Tuesday nights between 7pm – 9pm.  Anyone wishing to join must become a member of Beenleigh Theatre Group (annual membership $25) and we also have a $2 per week sub to assist with our overheads.

Check out our Facebook page: A-Chord – Beenleigh Theatre Group.

If you would like further information, please contact Christopher King seekingmusic@live.com

Beenleigh Theatre Group Training Opportunities

We run classes in the Green Room at the Crete Street Theatre as well as the production of public performances.

There is a hive of activity behind closed doors for much of the year. If you are not keen on being on stage then one of the following activities might suit your skills.

All theatrical workers start off on Level 1 as trainees in their particular field. As you gain experience check off each position you have mastered.