Membership is for one year from the date of joining  and only members who have paid and served six months as financial members can vote*

Membership Information

Membership for Beenleigh Theatre Group costs $25 (p.a.) which is payable at any time through the ‘Register Now’ button below. Membership expires at the anniversary of you joining.

Please also complete the BTG Membership Application Form and hand it into the box office.

Membership is a requirement for all people involved in a production at the theatre (whether they be cast / crew), members of the A-Chord Choir, SongByrds or Orchestra.

Membership should be paid within two weeks of being involved in a production or activity at the theatre.

Membership entitles members to discounted tickets, invitations to certain events plus much more.

Photo / Video / Media Release and Consent

I understand that by becoming a member, the Beenleigh Theatre Group Inc can use member’s image/s to promote Beenleigh Theatre Group’s Productions. The Beenleigh Theatre Group  may reproduce the image/s in any form, in whole or in part, and distribute the works by any medium including but not restricted to the Program, Internet, Facebook, Video or Newspaper / Media articles for publicity, teaching and archival purposes.

I understand that Beenleigh Theatre Group Inc :

  • will not pay me for giving this consent or for the use of my image/s;
  • may keep the image/s on record until I revoke my consent;
  • will return or destroy images if I withdraw this consent, with the exception of those already published;
  • may use the image in the future
  • will not infringe the rights of any third party by exercising its rights given in this Consent.

I also understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time by writing to the Committee:

The Secretary, PO Box 201, Beenleigh 4207

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Membership Application Form (PDF)
Membership Application Form (Word)

BTG Members Handbook

BTG Constitution

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AGM nomination proxy vote forms and EOI 2017

For further enquiries please email Jayne Tattem