What does BTG do?

With the above objectives in mind the BTG:

  • Produces plays, musicals, revues, pantomimes & presents these in public performance.
  • Publishes a regular newsletter which is sent to financial members & other groups with similar interests.
  • Provides tuition in the art of theatre for children of school age
  • Provide partnerships with the community through organizations such as the Beenleigh Yatala Chamber of Commerce and Gold Coast Tourism

What are BTG’s objectives?

The objectives of BTG, as set out in our constitution, are wide ranging. Briefly they are:

  • To promote, foster & practice the art(s) of Drama & Musical Theatre & kindred arts.’
  • To promote public awareness, knowledge & appreciation of the respective arts
  • To provide public access to the performance of the respective arts
  • To provide opportunity for adults, young people & children to participate in the respective arts
  • To cooperate with other groups with similar interests to the association
  • To foster a fellowship within the membership of the association
  • To pursue a standard of excellence in respect to all objects of the association
  • To do all that is necessary to achieve these objectives.

How does BTG work?

Under it’s constitution, (copy available from the membership secretary), BIG annually elects a committee to run its affairs. It maintains proper records & books of accounts as required by its constitution & the Queensland Government laws. The accounts are audited by an Independent auditor & the resulting financial statements tabled at the Annual General Meeting. All committee work done by members on behalf of the Beenleigh Theatre Group is voluntary.

What shows have BTG done?

For over a quater of a century the members of the Beenleigh Theatre Group have been entertaining the district. During that time we have enjoyed 3 permanent venues and toured to other regions to perform our shows.

How is BTG Financed?

Each member of BTG pays an annual subscription; most of this amount is taken up by the costs of the group’s Insurances which make sure members are covered in their BTG activities. Another part of it goes towards the producing & circulating the group’s monthly letter. The majority of finances come from income generated by the group’s productions.

Where does BTG meet?

At the ‘Crete Street Theatre’ on the corner of Kent and Crete Streets, Beenleigh. BTG is very fortunate to have the use of such excellent theatre facilities which are part of the Beenleigh Community Centre Complex built by the Albert Shire Council & officially opened in December 1993. BTG invested heavily in this project as an alternative to a separate venue originally scheduled to be built on the site that now sports the “Beenleigh Marketplace” Shopping Complex

Who may join BTG?

Anyone whose interests coincide with the objects of the BTG.

How do I join BTG?

By filling out the official BTG membership form obtainable from any committee member or by contacting the membership secretary.